I am sooooo excited to head out to Estrella War tomorrow! I have ants in my pants… It’s been waaaay too long since I’ve relaxed with my Twin Moons and other Atenveldt peeps.

Come see me at war! If you’re reading this blog, I would love to meet you. I’ll be waterbearing on the battlefield, then helping Annwyn out with henna on merchant’s row.

Can’t wait to tell you all about my adventures!


SCA Yuletide Huzzah

I love the holiday season. I show my affection for others through giving gifts, and I love the earthy traditions that sneakily accompany the holiday.

The music of the season is even better. Anything medieval really gets me in the wintry mood.

Unfortunately, I missed my barony’s holiday get together last weekend. :(

However, I am attending a yuletide celebration this Sunday at my friend Annwyn‘s house. She’s one of my best friend’s older sisters, and she’s kind of like the kooky aunt I never had. Only recently did I learn that she is a priestess, and this Sunday she is welcoming us into her house for a yuletide celebration.

I’m excited to learn about yuletide lore and Germanic myths. I enjoy speaking with people who aren’t blinded by the commercial or stubbornly “Christian” aspects of the holiday season- I’m going to accept learning opportunities whenever I can find them.

But what should I wear? Part of me wants to go to the party in full-on medieval splendor. Such as this young lady.

I found this pretty drawing on Pinterest. Please comment if you know who the artist is!

I found this pretty drawing on Pinterest. Please comment if you know who the artist is!

But then again, I can’t wear my garb ALL the time. Any ideas? Scaring the neighbors isn’t a problem. :)


Battle of the Nations- GO TEAM USA!

Okay, so technically these guys are not a form of the SCA. However, to my knowledge, most of them do cross over into the society, or at least got a start with us.

These gentlemen are a part of Team USA for the Battle of the Nations (BotN), although I know two of them – Simon Rohrich and Bamm Bamm (William) Woodbury –  through waterbearing at several wars here in Atenveldt. They’re both rather charming!

Check out their official website for more personal information on the duo, who visited Poland this past spring to compete in the international BotN tournament with the rest of Team USA. While you’re at it,  watch a video about the team and view the 2013 lineup.

What makes the Battle of the Nations different from the SCA? To put it simply, they fight in full armor with live steel, and they follow different fighting rules than those applied by our anachronistic individuals.

It’s brutal.

Curious? Rohrich and Woodbury told me that people often have a hard time differentiating between the rattan fighting of the SCA and the live steel fighting of the BotN, so you should do your research! Visit their official blog and FAQ list.

That being said, these fellas are hardcore.

Check them out at the Arizona State Fair, and below at the Southern Crusade demo this last week.

Phoenix Magazine ran a story about our local steel heroes this month, although from a different angle. Earlier in the year, The East Valley Tribune featured them as well. However, it seems as though the Phoenix New Times got to them first, albeit before BotN, in 2009. (Well played, New Times.)

So, who provided Team USA with their armor? AESIR Metalwyrks, the brainchild of Dave Demers.

Otherwise known as HE Master Sir Donngal de Buchanan in the SCA, Dave is a genuinely nice guy from the Barony of Twin Moons. I visited his shop last year when I was trying to put my hardsuit kit together, and he was extremely hospitable and encouraging.

There’s my two cents.

Hungry for more? Here are some additional links to various websites that might be helpful. (Check out the SCAtoday, a post explaining about re-creational combat in its many forms, the BotN Wikipedia page, or cut to the chase and contact them directly via their Facebook page.)


So I obviously had a fabulous war experience.

I have officially decided that the Southern Crusade is one of my most favorite wars of all time. I made a lot of new friends, spent time with people I haven’t seen in ages, and generally felt welcomed and loved. (AAAAAND people were talking about this blog! HUZZAH!)

Posing in front of my friend’s canvas tent in my early-period garb, Southern Crusade, 2012.

Boredom wasn’t an option. I visited with friends, helped with waterbearing, and made checkerboard patterns in the dirt with Beverly, my sister-aunt-mom. It was fabulous, I tell you! Fabulous.

My friend Dan and I at the Barony of Granite Mountain’s “Wingapalooza and Boogaloo” party, Southern Crusade, 2012. It was hoppin’.

If you haven’t already been to Southern, I encourage you to go next year. This crusade was my first-ever-war as a newcomer last year in 2011. After attending both Estrella and Highlands earlier in 2012, I have decided that Southern is the fairest of them all. It’s nice and small, so you have the chance of running into people you haven’t seen for a looong time.

That being said, it’s confession time.

I broke one of my personal war rules.

I failed to keep track of my “official party buddies” at all times. OOPSIE. I ended up being the one that needed baby sitting. Sooooo… that being said, I have no regrets! Except for maybe not drinking enough water…

Well there’s always another war, right?

Estrella can’t get here fast enough.

Going to War- SCA Camping in Style

As a newcomer to the SCA, signing up for your first camping event can be daunting. You’re going to spend the weekend in the outdoors meeting new people, and you have no idea what to bring!

For starters, this is an idea of what encampments generally look like here in Atenveldt- it’s a mixture of period canvas tents and nylon pop-ups.

This post is all about how to succeed when going to war. Here are some hints and tips from personal experience. (Check out the SCA Camping board on the SCAeveryday Pinterest, SCA Camping 101 and the official SCA Newcomer’s Guide for additional guidance.)

  1. Buy into a kitchen. (This is essentially paying someone to cook for you, then usually helping out with camp chores in return.) There is nothing quite like eating fresh, hot food on a chilly night! Ask around your group to see which encampments will be running open kitchens. Protein bars can fill you up, but they won’t make you happy.
  2. Bring fruit. Carbs will clog up the pipes. Fruits (like apples and oranges) keep well, and they usually hit the spot at snack time.
  3. Bring lots of layers. This applies to both garb and bedding. At Estrella War 2012, the day temperatures hovered around 100 degrees, and then dropped near 50 degrees at night. (This means planning for roman garb during the day, then switching to something warmer at night!)
  4. It’s okay to camp in a modern tent. Sure, period canvas tents are nice, but nobody will judge you for sleeping in a standard pop-up.
  5. Try something new! War is a great place to meet new people and pick up a few interesting skills. Read the event program and try out an arts and sciences class. Volunteer where the event stewards need help. Instead of simply watching the fighting, give waterbearing a shot! Trying new things will keep you busy and definitely help you to get to know some fascinating people.

The Baroness of Twin Moons has her own list of things to bring to war. Her Excellency Deletha (Deletha Boyd) said that here in Atenveldt, you can’t guarantee shade, so sunscreen and water are absolutely necessary. She added that a wool cloak is a must- it will keep you warm when you’re out and about, and can also double as a blanket. (Her Excellency’s hint: you’ll get more coziness if you line a wool cloak with polar fleece!)

Take a quick intermission- here is some more Estrella War footage to get you in the mood for your epic weekend.

The new King of Atenveldt, Tristan (Sean Miley), also contributed his hints and tips for a happy war experience. He suggests a comfy bed (that’s pretty self-explanatory) with lots of layers. Specifically, he recommends a cot.

He said that if you don’t have a way to get off the ground, “All the cold from the ground is going to seep up into your bed.”

That doesn’t sound like fun.

His Royal Majesty also suggests bringing along a nice chair and something that makes you happy. For him, this means a full-back chair with a slight recline, and either jelly beans or chocolate. You won’t want to be up on your feet for the whole event, especially during court, and it’s always pelasant to have a seat reserved for yourself at camp. And as for the jelly beans and chocolate… that’s King Tristan’s personal happiness combo, but bring whatever boosts your mood.

Except for illegal paraphernalia. Don’t bring that.

The SCAeveryday hopes that this helps you on your first war adventure. Good luck!

Please leave a comment if you have any advice for newcomers.