SCA Yuletide Huzzah

I love the holiday season. I show my affection for others through giving gifts, and I love the earthy traditions that sneakily accompany the holiday.

The music of the season is even better. Anything medieval really gets me in the wintry mood.

Unfortunately, I missed my barony’s holiday get together last weekend. :(

However, I am attending a yuletide celebration this Sunday at my friend Annwyn‘s house. She’s one of my best friend’s older sisters, and she’s kind of like the kooky aunt I never had. Only recently did I learn that she is a priestess, and this Sunday she is welcoming us into her house for a yuletide celebration.

I’m excited to learn about yuletide lore and Germanic myths. I enjoy speaking with people who aren’t blinded by the commercial or stubbornly “Christian” aspects of the holiday season- I’m going to accept learning opportunities whenever I can find them.

But what should I wear? Part of me wants to go to the party in full-on medieval splendor. Such as this young lady.

I found this pretty drawing on Pinterest. Please comment if you know who the artist is!

I found this pretty drawing on Pinterest. Please comment if you know who the artist is!

But then again, I can’t wear my garb ALL the time. Any ideas? Scaring the neighbors isn’t a problem. :)


Partying with the Picts- Jamming Out Medieval Style

Period music makes all the difference in the ambiance of an event. A cappella pieces at court transport the audience back in time, and the pounding of the drums throughout the night never fails to excite. Bardic performances tell of many things, but the most popular ones weave stories of love, tragedy and courage.

Traditional medieval music included the use of the flute, fiddle, harp, mandolin, bagpipes, drums, lute and various pipes in addition to other kinds of period instruments.

Music is timeless. Naturally, SCA events are more authentic with live music!

I recently attended the Champions in the Pines event hosted by the Barony of Granite Mountain (Prescott Valley). Before the commencement of the evening court, their Royal Majesties Thomas and Ilora requested the participation of all of the bards in attendance.

Their Royal Majesties Thomas and Ilora preside over the evening court.

Unfortunately, I was not able to capture any videos of the performances, but I was able to find a nice example of a bardic piece by milady Lucia Elena Braganza performed at the Gulf Wars XIX in March 2010, in the Kingdom of Antessora. It showcases the warrior spirit in its finest.



Want to check out some more medieval-style music? Here’s a playlist that I found after doing a quick Google search. If you’d like to pursue the path of a bard in Atenveldt, visit the Atenveldt College of Bards.