About Me


My name is Katie-Lee Faulkner (otherwise known as Bronwyn), and I am a student at Arizona State University and the Librarian for its SCA group- the College of Brymstonne.

I became active in the SCA just over a year ago, and got started in the Barony of Twin Moons. It was a great place to start my experience, and I still can’t believe how much I have learned. Everyone was helpful and their generosity continues to astound me.

When I started, my main interest was hardsuit fighting. Naturally, I helped out with waterbearing to get on the battlefield as much as possible while my armor kit was coming together. (I quite enjoy waterbearing!) I have been training on and off for about a year, and fought in my first battles at Highlands War- check out the video.

Although my persona is 12th Century English, I am completely enamored by everything Roman! I have the excessive amount of hair required for most of their styles, and the sewing is nice and easy for someone so lacking in sewing ability as myself.

I hope this blog entertains and informs you, no matter where you are in your journey through your personal life and the SCA.

Photo courtesy of Master Ritchyrd McUath (Ritchyrd Handley) 2012

Photo courtesy of Master Ritchyrd McUath (Ritchyrd Handley) 2012



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