This is very informative! I had the chance to go to Rome in the Spring of 2011, and it was great fun. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to go to this museum, but I DID explore the Colosseum. :)

Also. WHY DON’T OUR SCA PEEPS WEAR ANIMAL HEADS TO BATTLE?! If anyone finds a way to make this safe and functional, let me know. That would be totally badass.

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  1. I usually wear a bear head on my helm when I fight. The skull has been removed along with the jaw section that contains teeth. This makes it safe to fight with. The helm helps convey the shape of the bear head, so it doesn’t look like a floppy hat.

    However, the bear head makes me a grand target in any battle. I’m easily recognizable from across the field and many a SCA fighter wants a chance to “take on the bear.”

    Additionally, the extra “padding” dulls a lot of the force I recieve when getting a hit to the head. Callibration is a must if you don’t want people to think you are Rhino-hiding.

    I think the bear head adds to a bit of authenticity for my persona, though, and I’m unique in my area for wearing the bear head on my helm.

    • scaeveryday says:

      That’s so interesting! I’m assuming that you have a Roman persona then? And you must have been fighting for a while if you’re willing to take on legions of “bear killers”!

      In Atenveldt, I have yet to see someone with an animal head on their helm. Fighters over this way do the classic horse tail helm styles, but that’s the most exotic I’ve seen so far. Is that kind of thing popular in your kingdom? How difficult was it to make it functional?

      Thanks for commenting. :)

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