Southern is Coming! TIME TO PANIC!

I can’t believe it- the Southern Crusade is just around the corner!


Last year I borrowed all of my clothing from the lovely Comtesse EzaBella, and since then I have mostly gone Roman. So that leaves me with a bit of a dilemma.

What the heck am I going to wear?

Going in the nude would certainly be popular, but that is definitely not an option.

In an attempt to save myself from turning into an icicle, I bought a SUPER FLUFFY ROBE from Walmart, which I shall wear under the coat that was gifted to me at the event last year.

But what about garb? Looks like I’ll be improvising and investing in some long underwear.

I’m gonna look like Paul Bunyan. ATTRACTIVE.

Become a Knight in the SCA- The Four P’s

As a newcomer to the SCA, you might be wondering how to succeed in your new community of friends. The secret is easier than you’d think!

According to Sir Giles, the key to reaching knighthood (and indeed to flourishing in the SCA) is to follow the Four P’s- patriotism, participation, prowess and perception. The Twin Moons knight learned the Four P’s from Sir Andrew Ward, then passed this on to the SCAeveryday throughout hardsuit combat training.

Earl Giles, Knight of the SCA, in his late-period kit. Photo provided courtesy of subject. 

Patriotism– Are you supportive of your kingdom? Do you believe in the dream of the SCA, and are you doing all you can to support it? Be a royalist and support the Crown! Trash talking won’t get you anywhere. Sure, there will be people that irk you, but insulting them behind their backs will not help in at all. Staying out of politics and being positive will get you far.

Participation– How often do you attend events? Do you travel outside of your local group and make an effort to meet people from other shires, baronies or kingdoms? When the Crown and the knights of your kingdom are looking for future candidates of knighthood, they discuss your activity within the kingdom. Do you make an effort to get to know other people and visit their lands?

Prowess– How good are you at what you do? According to Sir Giles, “Prowess, for knighthood, is being a fantastic fighter.”Are you one of the best warriors on the field? Do people respect your skill and look forward to fighting you? Actively working to develop your technique will boost your prowess, and as a result, others’ respect for you.

Perception– When your name comes up in the conversation, what immediately comes to mind? While it could have been fun once upon a time, being known as “The Drunken Party Animal” could get little awkward, and it certainly won’t help your reputation in the long run. If your name comes up and people think, what a great warrior- he/she fights hard and always has a good attitude, that reflects well on both you and the community that nurtured your growth in the SCA.

“With these kept in mind, I know I’ll stay true and strong,” Rose Ella Duvanovicha doch’ Sychevna (Rose Halberg), a fighting student of Sir Giles, said to the SCAeveryday.

The Four P’s were created as a guide to knighthood, but don’t be afraid to apply them to your SCA experience as a whole. If you put them to practice, you’ll be sure to win the respect of your friends and your kingdom.

To Make a Favor: Love, Honor and Creativity in the SCA

The SCA world revolves around hardsuit fighting, and not many would disagree. For newcomers, images of daring knights, beautiful ladies and duels to the death come to mind.

Does this fairy tale adventure translate into the SCA? What does it mean to fight for someone’s honor, and vice versa?

In the SCA, tournaments are held for all skill levels. The general idea is that the fighter (hardsuit or rapier) enters the competition, and lists the person who will be his or her consort for the tournament.

Fighters and their consorts approach Their Royal Majesties and prepare for battle at the 2012 Fall Crown Tournament. Photo courtesy of Mistress Magdalen Venturosa. (Monique Berry Lyon.)

But wait! What the heck is a consort?! That sounds frightening!

Your consort is the person for whose honor you fight- this is most often a romantic relationship on and off the field, but it could simply be a friend or someone you asked right before the beginning of the tournament. Your consort should inspire you to fight to the best of your ability, and to always fight with honor.

For a comprehensive list of tournament and consort FAQs, click here.

As a consort, you give your fighter a favor to carry onto the battlefield. A favor can be anything that represents you- a ribbon, necklace, scarf, etc.- but they are most often constructed as belt favors. (Check out the belt favor tutorial here!)

Here are some pictures of the first belt favor created by the author of the SCAeveryday. (Note: the belt favor tutorial above was not used. Perhaps it would have looked better if it had been!)

A simple strip of linen was cut, and the author embroidered sunflowers (they aren’t exactly period, but they are her favorite) on the front. Lacking the best sewing skills, she avoided hemming the fabric- one side is the salvage and the other side was sealed with clear nail polish to prevent fraying. (It’s not exactly recommended, but it works when you’re in a hurry.) Lastly, she embroidered a decorative stitch on the front side to spruce it up a little bit.

Even if you aren’t planning on being a consort any time soon, making a favor is a fun way to get in touch with your artsy side and explore medieval romance.

Please leave a comment and tell the SCAeveryday all about your tournament, consort and favor experiences!