I am sooooo excited to head out to Estrella War tomorrow! I have ants in my pants… It’s been waaaay too long since I’ve relaxed with my Twin Moons and other Atenveldt peeps.

Come see me at war! If you’re reading this blog, I would love to meet you. I’ll be waterbearing on the battlefield, then helping Annwyn out with henna on merchant’s row.

Can’t wait to tell you all about my adventures!


A New Year = Insanity

You know what’s amazing but awful at the same time?

Being a full-time college student with a part-time job in the SCA. 

Time is priceless. And money doesn’t grow on trees. To attend an event, you have to pay the site fee (usually very reasonable), acquire food, fill up your gas tank, figure out appropriate garb and get the day off. (A difficult task, especially when your part-time job is waiting tables on the weekends.)

Then you’ve still got to keep up with homework and maintain a GPA high enough to save your scholarship from its demise.

This semester, my workload is going to be insane. I’m going to have to cut down on SCA activities even more than I already have, and hopefully make it out alive. 

The bonus: I know that all of my SCA peeps totally understand, and will welcome me back after the semester kicks my booty. Also, there is only a month and a half left until we all get to have a marvelous time at ESTRELLA WAR!!!!!

Say a prayer, or take a shot of vodka for me. I’m gonna need all the positive energy I can get.

This is very informative! I had the chance to go to Rome in the Spring of 2011, and it was great fun. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to go to this museum, but I DID explore the Colosseum. :)

Also. WHY DON’T OUR SCA PEEPS WEAR ANIMAL HEADS TO BATTLE?! If anyone finds a way to make this safe and functional, let me know. That would be totally badass.

SCA Yuletide Huzzah

I love the holiday season. I show my affection for others through giving gifts, and I love the earthy traditions that sneakily accompany the holiday.

The music of the season is even better. Anything medieval really gets me in the wintry mood.

Unfortunately, I missed my barony’s holiday get together last weekend. :(

However, I am attending a yuletide celebration this Sunday at my friend Annwyn‘s house. She’s one of my best friend’s older sisters, and she’s kind of like the kooky aunt I never had. Only recently did I learn that she is a priestess, and this Sunday she is welcoming us into her house for a yuletide celebration.

I’m excited to learn about yuletide lore and Germanic myths. I enjoy speaking with people who aren’t blinded by the commercial or stubbornly “Christian” aspects of the holiday season- I’m going to accept learning opportunities whenever I can find them.

But what should I wear? Part of me wants to go to the party in full-on medieval splendor. Such as this young lady.

I found this pretty drawing on Pinterest. Please comment if you know who the artist is!

I found this pretty drawing on Pinterest. Please comment if you know who the artist is!

But then again, I can’t wear my garb ALL the time. Any ideas? Scaring the neighbors isn’t a problem. :)


Mercat Medieval de Vic / Vic’s Medieval Market

Ok so I know this is in Spanish, but I am minoring in it, so here’s a summary of what this blogger is saying- He went to the Medieval Market in Vic (a city outside Barcelona) for the first time, and he loved it. There were lots of things to look at and foods to eat. I wish I was there right now!

Francisco Goncalves - Photographer

Cada año en Vic, una ciudad a una hora de Barcelona, se celebra una interesante Mercado Medieval… Esta es la primera vez que voy y seguro que repetiré, porque me gustó muchísimo! Es mil veces más grande de lo que imaginaba (abarca todo el centro) y hay cientos de paradas de los típicos embutidos locales, barbacoas, vino caliente, juegos para los niños, dulces, panes y más. Lo mejor es la representación de un pueblo del Siglo XV  llamado Mercadal V.O que hay a la entrada del casco antiguo, debajo de los puentes de piedra. Pagas 3 euros, o más bien cambias, por 3 monedas “antiguas” que puedes usar dentro para comprar pollos asados, costillas, panes con queso, vino hipocrático, sopas, hierbas etc. Vecinos de Vic reciben clases de teatro para interpretar a los personajes de la época y la verdad es que lo hacen genial. Aún tengo los maravillosos olores a…

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HRE tour: Bavaria- Dress design

I really need to figure out how to sew more complicated garb. I really do enjoy running around in my wool peplos, but I need to learn technique sometime soon!

Alysten's Blog

Since the fabric did not arrive in time the Freisan dress is on  hold until the end of January.   So instead, we will be looking at Bavaria.  It is rare that I do a long dress for SCA events, but this is for 12th night. This event is all about standing around looking pretty.  I also have 2 other projects I am working on for the event, but they are super seekret elevation surprises. So you all will just have to wait for those.

But in the mean time, I give you Bavaria, in silk brocade, silk twill, velvet and dupioni.


The inspiration is Anna Scheit, and was painted by Barthel Bruyn in the 1520s.

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A Tale of Entertainment and Danger- My First Adventure with the Barony of Atenveldt

So last night was an adventure.

After a grueling day (which consisted of lectures, shooting video, and jump-starting a friend’s car) I headed over to the Barony of Atenveldt fighter practice in central Phoenix.

(Note about the map- you’re gonna have to zoom out to see all three practices. I’m still working out the bugs! Twin Moons is at Gene Autry Park, Sun Dragon is right next to Cheyenne Elementary School, and Atenveldt is at Encanto Park.)

Despite the car issues, I managed to arrive promptly at 7 p.m. The usual, easily-identified SCA crowd was nowhere to be seen.

Note to self: PRACTICE DOESN’T START UNTIL 8. Oopsie.

At least I have some friends that are as clueless as I am. So I had some bonding time with Sir Christopher and Lord Jakob before the crowds started to gather.

This group is so hospitable! The night was chilly, and they provided Dunkin Donuts coffee! What. Even. How nice!


Last night was a melee practice. So that means lots of wipe-outs, loud noises and general chaos. It’s a great time.

However, as crazy as it gets, it is imperative that you fight safely. If you managed to get authorized for hardsuit fighting, you should know the SCA Marshal’s Handbook. If you’re unsure of something, please ask the marshal or a seasoned fighter!

You know what’s not kosher? Flailing around with a GIANT HAMMER and shoving it into people WITHOUT A THRUSTING TIP. (I realize that sounds dirty… but this is serious business.)

It’s not like the movies- you don’t have any dues to pay. You don’t have to impress everyone with your swag. Listen to others and take advice. Your safety is at risk.

Know your armor. Know the rules.

That being said, I had a great time watching the fighting and visiting with my friends.

Life is good in the Barony of Atenveldt.

Finals Are Upon Me!

As of tomorrow, there are only three more weeks left of the fall semester.

There are five more weeks until Christmas.

What does this mean?

  1. Finals and projects are coming up.
  2. My stress level shall rise exponentially.
  3. I won’t be able to update this blog quite as much. :(
  4. The SCA will take a bit of a back seat, at least until the semester is over.

I’M SO SORRY. This is all rather disappointing.

But hey, it’s GPA before SCA, right? RIGHT?


How many more days are there until Estrella?